From 900+ to just 20, meet THE star performing digital start-ups from across Sub-saharan Africa!

These start-ups span the continent from Senegal in the west, to Kenya in the east, and south to South Africa, specializing in digital products and solutions encompassing the fields of fin-tech, transportation, healthcare, education, human resources, and B2B. All companies provide a technology-intensive or technology-based product or service currently available in one or more African markets and show great potential to scale across the region and globally!

Click on each company's logo to find out more about them or download the XL Africa Portfolio here!

Over the next four months, these selected start-ups will be mentored through a bespoke curriculum to be delivered by global and local experts before attending a two-week Residency in Cape Town, South Africa.  At the Residency, start-ups will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from their mentors, peers, and partners before concluding with the XL Africa Venture Showcase. Here, in association with the African Angel Investor Summit, entrepreneurs will present their business models to a select audience of corporations and investors, with the aim of raising $250k - $1.5m in series A capital!

If you are interested in attending the XL Africa Venture Showcase as an investor or corporate partner, please get in touch at info@/.